Enjoy a delicious Tapas dinner and live the Flamenco in Alicante.

Feel the passion and energy of Flamenco in Alicante that come alive nightly. You’ll experience Flamenco sounds, rhythms and dances in its most intimate, in this fantastic Live Flamenco Show, at the heart of the city. The perfect combination for a great flamenco performance is a delicious Spanish Tapas Dinner that you’ll savor before the show, in a traditional tavern specialized in Spanish cuisine.

To dinner, we have selected for you the most typical flavors of Spain. You’ll enjoy a variety of typical Spanish Tapas, elaborated with selected ingredients. In Spanish cuisine, a tapa is basically any snack that people share. They could be cold or warm, the only rule is that they must be shared. You’ll sure indulge your palate this night!

But that is not all! After dinner you’ll be pleased with a great Live Flamenco Show in an authentic tablao. The tablao presents a dynamic schedule of performances, featuring the premier artists from Spain. During the Show, you are also invited to a drink by person (wine, beer or soft drink).

If you want to delight in the best Spanish flavors, feel the passion and discover the magic of a Flamenco in Alicante you cannot miss this great proposal in Alicante!