Learn to cook a genuine Spanish Paella and savor our typical products and wines.

During this journey, you’ll be immerse in the Valencian gastronomy history and customs. You’ll savor many typical products while you walk down the old town of Valencia and the Central Market. Late morning you’ll enjoy a Valencian wine tasting and in the evening you’ll learn how to cook an authentic Spanish paella guided by an expert chef. A full day to get to know and savor our gastronomic specialities.

This GastroTour begins in the morning, with a walking guided tour to the old town of Valencia where you’ll visit the cathedral of gastronomy: the Valencia Central Market, it’s the largest center dedicated to the specialty of fresh products in Europe. Its spectacular modernist building is a treasure-trove of a great variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, fresh fish and seafood from the Mediterranean… It’s a place you should not miss in Valencia! During this tour, you’ll delight in with local products tastings and late morning you’ll enjoy a two excellent Valencian wine tasting.

In the evening, get ready to live a unique, fun and unforgettable experience. At the School of Paellas you’ll learn how to prepare an authentic Valencian paella yourself. The paella master will teach you step by step how to cook it and also explain the history of its creation and many other curiosities. As you prepare your paella, you’ll savor an aperitif with typical tapas and Valencian wine or craft beer.

When you’ve finished, we’ll go to the table to delight in your paella that it is accompanied by typical starters, beverages, dessert, liqueur and coffee. After this traditional Valencian dinner you’ll receive an “Expert Paella’s ChefDiploma,  to show off your friends!.

After living this GastroTour, we are sure you’ll want to take all the Valencian cuisine recipes to experience and try it at home!.