Enjoy a Valencia Silk Road tour and the best Paella Class.

On this tour you’ll enjoy a guided visit around the historical center to discover all about the Valencia Silk Road. In the evening, you’’ll learn how to make a genuine paella at the Paellas School. Then, you’ll savor a great dinner with your paella as main dish and other typical dishes.

The Silk Road is a commercial route whose origins lay in the Chinese silk business, from the 1st century BC. Later, this road was extended by Asia until arrived to Europe. In the 9th century the Sericulture arrived to the Iberian Peninsula took by the Arabs and Valencia became soon the leading city in Spain. Silk trading was the most important economic activity in the city between the 16th and 18th centuries. For this reason, the Valencia Silk Road has had a prominent importance in the city.

In 2015, UNESCO included Spain as a member state of the silk road programme and Valencia has been considered as the silk city 2016. On this guided visit to the Valencia silk road, an expert guide will reveal you all about the silk trade and you’ll visit the places where this type of activities were carried out.

The Valencia Silk Road visit begins in The College of High Silk Art, an organization that regulated the Guild of the silk manufacturers since the 15th century, nowadays houses the Museum of Silk. You’ll continue towards an old silk factory that still retains its original distribution. Then, you’ll walk around the neighborhood of Velluters (velvet weavers), an area where the silk factories were concentrated.

The Valencia Silk Road tour continue with the visit to the most representative Valencian clothing shops, where you’ll appreciate many products that still are made by hand with silk. The next stop is the Lonja de la Seda, an impressive gothic building declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Once, was the main center of commercial transactions in the city, where the silk business had a decisive role. To end this tour, you’ll visit an old factory that manufactured ecclesiastical silk ornaments by the use of looms and traditional embroidery techniques.

In the evening, we’ll meet at the Paella School and you’ll get down to work! The paella master will teach you step by step how to cook a genuine Valencian paella. He’ll also explain you when and how the paella was born, the history of their ingredients and many other curiosities. Fun is guaranteed!

During the production of the paella you’ll delight in Valencian wine or craft beer tasting. This will be accompanied by fresh tomato from the Valencia Garden and a delicious Spanish omelette. Comes time to test your paella and other traditional dishes in a generous Valencian style dinner. Surely it’s delicious!  After dinner, you’ll receive an “Expert Paella’s Chef” Diploma that proves the course you have taken.

A fun and memorable experience that will be with you forever.