Live an authentic Spanish night: Tapas and Flamenco in Valencia.

We propose you an unforgettable nightlife option enjoying a delicious Spanish tapas dinner and the best live flamenco in Valencia.

On this dazzling night in Spanish-style you will relish two special moments: a delicious dinner of selected tapas and a superb performance of flamenco in Valencia. Are you ready? Let’s go!

First of all, you’ll savor a typical Spanish tapas dinner in a homely restaurant. It’s located in the hearth of the old town very close to La Lonja and the Central Market, two recognized icons in the city. Enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of this unique “little bar” as you dine. This venue is divided into two spaces by a medieval Gothic arch dating between the 12th and 14th centuries. In the back, you can discover a well (closed and with bars for security reasons), which connected with the moat of the old city walls through a ditch. This is a place where you can breathe a part of the city history while enjoying the most traditional flavors of Spanish cuisine.

We have selected for you a wide variety of tapas with different flavors from the sea and the land, to which the chef brings an original contemporary touch. In Spanish gastronomy, a tapa is basically any snack that people share. They could be cold or warm, the only rule is that they must be shared at the middle of the table. You will end your dinner with a delicious dessert, drinks are also included in this menu. But that’s not all… Get ready because the night has just begun…

After dinner, you’ll be immersed in the delightful experience of a live show flamenco in Valencia. All the magic of genuine flamenco in Valencia in a performance that lasts one hour without interruptions. You will be captivate you with their rhythms, dances, songs and the traditional sounds of the Spanish guitar. Flamenco is an art created with Moorish, Castilian and Jewish music. It is shaped by gypsy airs and that prompts in those who listen to it unforgettable feelings. Let yourself be seduced by its unique chords. During the show, you will be invited to a refreshing drink.

If you want to feel the real essence of Spain you cannot miss this great proposal in Valencia!