Visit the Lladro Factory and savor a great paella lunch at the beach.

On this tour you will enjoy such privilege that can only be seen in Valencia. You will visit to “the Porcelain City”, as everyone knows the Lladro Factory and Museum. This brand is worldwide famous by their porcelain art treasures entirely handmade. After that, you will delight in a great paella lunch in a restaurant at Playa de las Arenas.

You will be picked up from your Valencia hotel to take you the Lladro Factory and Museum. The Lladro factory visit guide begins with the history of Lladro family, the origins of a brand which has been at the forefront of porcelain ever since it was founded.

Then, you will see live how their figurines are brought to life: from the design of the initial sketch to the preparation for the firing in the kiln. All the various phases in a unique process in which everything is carried out entirely by hand: the porcelain preparation, the molds, the different parts that comprising a figure and how are finally assembled, the delicate process of paint, the incredible finishing touches… We assure you that is awesome!

Finally, you will get to know the Historic Porcelain collection with unique pieces that will surprise you, the exhibition of their New Collections, and you have the chance to purchase any of their products.

After this visit, you will be picked up to transfer you to the main beach of Valencia: Playa de las Arenas. There, you will savor a typical lunch in a nice restaurant with a great waterfront terrace. The menu includes a variety of starters to choose, as main course you’ll be able to choose from Valencian paella, seafood paella, vegetables paella, meat or fish. Finally, you will savor a delicious homemade dessert. Beverages are included in your menu.

Within our activities in Valencia, this one gives you the opportunity to enjoy art, gastronomy and the beach on the same day.