Join the Holy Grail tour to discover all about the Valencia Holy Cup and enjoy the city aboard the Tourist Bus

The Holy Grail tour is a guided visit to the Valencia historic centre and their majestic churches where you’ll reveal the history of the Holy Cup in Valencia. You’ll also get to know all places that you cannot miss in Valencia, travelling on the Tourist Bus towards the historic and the modern city.

In the morning, prepare yourself to discover the history of the Holy Cup in Valencia on the Holy Grail Tour, from its roots in Jerusalem to its current location in the Valencia Cathedral. Various studies carried out in recent years concluded that the authentic Chalice used by Jesus in The Last Supper is the one preserved in the Holy Chalice Chapel into the Cathedral. Vatican also supports this theory, since in 2015 has granted a retirement year (Jubilee year) each 5 years so the pilgrims could visit the Valencia Cathedral to venerate the Holy Grail.

This guided tour begins with a visit to San Juan del Hospital Church, the oldest in Valencia. Then you’ll visit the lively Plaza de la Virgen square, the nerve centre of the city. After that you’ll go to the Valencia Cathedral and its Museum, that treasures valuable religious artwork of Valencian artists throughout history. You’ll continue towards the San Nicolas church. It’s known as the “Valencian Sistine Chapel” by their impressive set of frescoes painted over 2,000 square meters of vaults, ribs and columns.

This day continues with a comfortably trip around all the city, enjoying the 2 routes that offers the Tourist Bus: the first one, Historical Valencia route will take you to the monumental area in Valencia: the old town, the city centre and other sites of interest such as the Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V, the Bioparc Zoo, the old river Turia course, or the historical La Paz street and Calle de las Barcas (street of the Boats).

On the Valencia Maritime route you’ll know the modern area in Valencia: The City of Arts and Sciences, where you’ll see the Arts Palace (Valencia Opera), the Hemisferic, the Oceanografic and Principe Felipe Sciences Museum. You’ll also apreciate the modern Port of Valencia or the Malvarrosa Beach, among others. You can combine both routes, drop-on drop-off at any stop as you prefer, as many times as you want on the same day. Each route lasts 90 minutes and they offer audio-guide in 10 languages.

If you would like to know about the Valencia history and its religious culture, but also the cosmopolitan area of the city… Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience!