Do you want to know all about the Silk Road in Valencia?

On this tour you’ll get to know the most emblematic places of the historical Valencia and the modern Valencia in a full city tour by Bus. You’ll also have the opportunity to know Valencia as a focal point of Silk Road in the world, in a guided walking visit. Then, you’ll savour one of the best paellas in Valencia.

The Silk Road is a route that was born from commercial exchanges with different products, especially the silk. Its origin was in the Chinese silk business from the 1st century BC. After a hundreds of years, the road was extended by Asia and then arrived to Europe. Sericulture (silkworm rearing) arrived to the Iberian Peninsula in the 9th Century took by the Arabs and Valencia became soon the leading city in Spain in the silk industry.

In 2015, UNESCO included Spain as the 32nd member state of the Silk Road Programme. Valencia has been considered as the Silk City 2016 focal point from UNESCO Mediterranean Programme. In this visit guided across the Valencia Silk Road an expert guide will reveal you interest details about the process of silk-making and trading in Valencia, the most important industry here between 16th and 18th centuries, and you’ll meet its historical legacy as you visit the places and buildings where these activities were developed.

You’ll start the visit guide in the College of the Higher Art of Silk Making, a building that treasure an important and rich heritage inside in its frescoes, murals and mosaics. It was one of the main drivers of the Valencian economy and the silk manufacturers from its founding in the 15th century. Nowadays, it’s the Silk Museum. Next stop will be in an old Silk Factory from the 18th century that still retains its original distribution.

Then, you’ll walk by the neighborhood of Velluters (the velvet artisans) as you listen about the architectural heritage, the delicate fabrics and the charming history of the silk industry. Then you’ll see the most representative Valencian clothing shops related to silk fabrics, and you’ll appreciate clothing or jewelry that are use nowadays as the traditional way.

You’ll visit La Lonja de la Seda, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the past, was the trade center of the city and the silk-tradding had a central role in its commercial transactions. Finally, you’ll be immerse in an old family factory, where ecclesiastical silk ornaments were produced with old looms and traditional embroidery techniques.

After the guided tour by the Valencia Silk Road you’ll enjoy one of the best paellas in Valencia, in a renowned restaurant in front of the Quart Towers. First, you will delight in a typical starter. As main course you can choose between Valencian paella, Arroz a Banda, meat, fish or duck. Then, a homemade dessert and a beverage by person. During July and August dinner will be served instead of lunch.

After lunch, get ready to enjoy a Tourist Bus Tour with 2 routes included: Historical Valencia route will take you to explore the historical and monumental city: the old town, city center, and other sites of interest such as the Bioparc, the Congress Palace, or the Museum of Fine Arts.

On the Valencia Maritime route you’ll going to meet the coastal area and most modern zone in Valencia: the City of Arts and Sciences, the Port of Valencia and the Malvarrosa Beach, among others. You can combine both routes as you prefer, drop-on drop-off at any stop, as many times as you want on the same day. The duration is 90 minutes each route.

An intense day in Valencia that combines culture, history, traditions, gastronomy and modernity… You cannot miss it!