Get ready to learn all about Chufa and Horchata on this tour to the Valencia Garden.

The North Valencia Garden landscape is drawed by an incredible irrigation system inherited from the Arabs, centenary traditional farm houses, and little gardens plenty of crops. On this tour you will discover this folkloric countryside and their native plantations, like the chufa. Would you like to know how horchata is made from this small nugget? Come on!

Chufa is a small tuber. In Europe it only grows in the north of Valencia city (Alboraya town), and it holds the Valencia Qualified Designation of OriginHorchata is a natural, healthy, refreshing and nutritious drink made with chufa, exclusive product of the North Valencia Garden (Huerta of Valencia). Valencian people loves this drink, and it is one of the most widely consumed, especially in the summer time.

First, you will visit the the chufa fields as the guide explain you how it is sowed and cultivated. Then, you will visit an authentic chufa drying building, situated in a singular horchatería that maintains its original structure and the different machinery for the horchata cultivation, over several generations.

Then, it’s time for action! You will carry out a workshop, where you will learn how to make homemade horchata yourself. Mmmm it’s delicious!

To finish this original tour, you will relish a freshly handmade horchata with fartón (Valencian typical sweet) in a horchatería surrounded by the chufa crops, where you can admire the beauty of the Valencia garden, one of the latest suburban field in Europe.