Discover all about the Valencia food while visiting the Central Market and the old town.

Enjoy a guided private tour to get to know all about the Valencia food. You will visit the Valencia Central Market and the historical center to taste many typical products. Finally, you will deligh in two excellet Valencian wines.

Many visitors know Valencia as the city of sun and paella. But it also have many other culinary specialities that you must know, as well as the paella. Delicious Valencia food as rice dishes -combining unimaginable products-, fishes, vegetables from the Valencia garden, meats, sweets. Also some dishes associated with their festivities and a great variety of local products complete their rich Mediterranean diet. Let’s discover them!

During this experience, you’ll be immersed in the history and customs of the Valencia food and gastronomy. You will discover what do Valencians like to eat, how they do and with whom. And most of all, why the food becomes the star of all their meetings, a genuine Valencian tradition!

Let’s get lost across the wonderful old town of Valencia where you’ll visit the cathedral of gastronomy: the spectacular Valencia Central Market. It’s the largest center dedicated to the specialty of fresh products in Europe. The modernist building is a treasure-trove of a great fruits and vegetables polychrome -products just arrived from the fields-, herbs and spices aromas. Furthermore, an incredible assortment of fresh fish and seafood from the Mediterranean… We cannot tell you. You must experience it by yourself! Into the Central Market you’ll savor a mini taste of Serrano ham and cheese.

Once this visit finishes, you will go to a renowned tavern located in the historic center to enjoy two excellent Valencian wines tasting accompanied by two typical tapas, as you listen detailed information about local wines.

After this experience you’ll probably want to taste all the Valencian specialties, as well as the famous paella! And if you want to learn how to cook a paella yourself don’t miss the paella cooking course in Valencia.