Is the Valencia Holy Grail the one that Jesus used in The Last Supper?

Several recent studies confirm that the authentic Holy Grail is located in the Valencia Cathedral. On this tour you will discover the history and secrets of the Valencia Holy Grail. Then, you will savor a delicious paella lunch in a restaurant at the historical centre.

On this guided tour you will discover all about the Valencia Holy Grail, from its roots in Jerusalem to its current location in the Valencia Cathedral. The most advanced research ensures the authentic Holy Cup is the one that it preserves in the Holy Chalice Chapel in Valencia. Vatican also supports this theory since they have granted a Jubilee Year each 5 years as the pilgrims come to worship the Holy Grail in the Valencia Cathedral.

The tour begins in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, then you’ll visit the San Martín church (outdoors) and the stately Plaza del Patriarca. The tour continues towards the oldest church in Valencia: San Juan del Hospital church. Then you’ll visit the Aula Grial, a visitor centre for the relic where you’ll learn what material the Holy Grail is made of, what was most likely eaten at the Last Supper, the meaning of the inscription on the relic’s glass, the cup’s details, the literature surrounding the Grail and many other details in the world’s first museum dedicated to the Holy Grail. The guided visit will end at the Chapel of the Holy Grail in the Valencia Cathedral, where you’ll finally be able to see it in person. You can stay at the Cathedral for longer to visit it on your own, with all the wonders of its “Micalet” bell tower and the Cathedral’s museum.

Once the visit ends, you must go to the restaurant for lunch. It’s located in front of the Quart Towers, 10 minutes walking from the Cathedral. The menu includes three starters to share. As main course you’ll be able to choose between Valencian paella, Arroz a Banda, cod, Iberian sirloin or duck. Finally, you’ll delight in a delicious homemade dessert. A beverage by person is included. Savor your lunch with unbeatable views!

Enjoy a very interesting cultural morning in Valencia that ends indulging your palate with the best Valencian flavors.