Valencia Port Saplaya is one of the places that you cannot miss on your visit to Valencia.

Discover the secrets of Port Saplaya, the “Valencian little Venice” and enjoy a delicious typical lunch at the beach.

Valencia Port Saplaya is a picturesque coastal village near Valencia city. It is known as the tourist nickname of “Valencia little Venice“, by its original architecture and the channels network over the sea that define its unique urban planning. Most noteworthy are the color of the buildings facades, in which warm pastel tones predominate, and especially reddish and sienna. A peaceful and quiet place, ideal to enjoy their beaches and the varied entertainment and dining seaside area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But was it always as we know it today? NO! This area of the Valencian coast has long been a forgotten and marginalized territory.

First of all, you will be picked up at your hotel in Valencia to begin this adventure. Once you arrive, you’ll explore the hidden corners of Valencia Port Saplaya and the surrounding beaches. The guide will tell you intriguing stories of pirates and smugglers, so you’ll discover the forbidden activities that were carried out in this area. Furthermore, you will visit Els Peixets, a little neo-gothic style hermitage that was built in 1907 in order to commemorate the miracle that, according to tradition, occurred in this same place in 1348. The miracle is commemorated with a pilgrimage to the hermitage built in memory of such event, each Monday of Pentecost.

Once the guided tour finishes, you’ll delight in a typical Valencian lunch, in a nice restaurant with a waterfront terrace where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the sea in one of the most beautiful beaches in Valencia.

Come to discover the “Valencian little Venice”… Surely, you’ll want to return again!