Taste many great Wines and Tapas in Valencia.

If you think that in Valencia we only eat paella… you are wrong! Valencian people can boast of a vast gastronomic culture: delicious dishes and traditional drinks including a wide variety of wines and tapas. Would you like to taste many excellent Wines and Tapas in Valencia? This is your tour! Go ahead…

On this tour, that is taken by the hand of an expert sommelier guide, you will go around the beautiful old town of Valencia. You will see the main places of the historical center up to arrive to a well-known urban cellar where you will taste two great wines, a snack and tapas in Valencia.

Then, the tour continues through El Carmen neighborhood where you will know the emblematic places at the Valencia historical center. The guide will reveal you many interesting details about the Valencian wines and the tasty tapas in Valencia. In Spanish cuisine, a tapa is basically any snack that people share. They could be cold or warm, the only rule is that they must be shared.

As you walk around the old town you will see hundreds of typical food and drink bars, with its terraces full of people eating and drinking bustling all day, so you will understand the importance of gastronomy in the daily life of Valencians.

The most expected time has arrived! In one of the best taverns of the historic center you will enter in the world of Valencian wines with the tasting of two wonderful wines of the region. The guide will tell you about the winemaking process and many other interesting details. As it could not be otherwise, you will accompany them with four delicious Valencian tapas.

We cannot tell you about… You have to experience the Wine and Tapas in Valencia!