Discover the old town of Valencia and savor a delicious paella dinner.

On this city tour in Valencia you’ll visit all places that you shouldn’t miss in our city. You’ll also delight in a delicious paella dinner in a restaurant located at the historical center.

During this experience you’ll be immerse in the history of the city, on a walking tour throught the old town of Valencia with an expert guide that will take you to the most emblematic places. After listening interesting stories and anecdotes prepare your palate to relish a great paella dinner!

Let’s go across the narrow streets of the Valencia old town with the guide, who will reveal you all about the secrets of the old city. First of all, you`ll see the Ayuntamiento square with its beautiful central fountain and grandiose buildings that surround it. Then you’ll visit the Plaza de la Virgen square and its monumental buildings as the CathedralMiguelete or Virgen de los Desamparados church. You’ll walk around the lively Plaza de la Reina and the ancient La Paz street and Barcas Street. You will be surprised with the baroque style of the Marqués de Dos Aguas palace and the historical palaces of El Carmen neighbourhood.

Once the guided visit finishes you’ll taste the Valencian typical dishes in a traditional restaurant located at the heart of the historical centre. You will enjoy a delicious paella dinner that includes a variety of starters made with selected fresh sea products and from the Valencia garden. As main course you’ll be able to choose from Valencian paella, Seafood paella or the traditional Fideuá (noodle paella). To finish a delicious dessert with made with traditional recipes.

As you are relishing this great paella dinner, you can already boast that you’ve known the best of Valencia!